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My rates are based on the type of translation.
Some translations will be faster than others and there is no set fee for the same amount of content. I will need to preview the document that needs to be translated to be able to provide clients with an exact quote.

To receive a free quote:

If you are interested in my services, I can send you a quote free of charge. All you need to do is contact me (see "contact" tab for details) or if you want a faster process, you may attach the document in your interest email.

You can also try out or online process all you have to do is register and post your translation to us. Request a Quote!

La Malinche Consulting specializes in offering timely and accurate written translations in English and Spanish, and was designed to meet all of the translation needs of a diverse client base. Whatever you need to translate, La Malinche Consulting has the experience, vision, and professionalism to provide solutions to all your translation projects. Let La Malinche Consulting help you when you need professional translation of any file e.g. documents, handbooks, product packaging, marketing, instructions, company manuals and much more.

Mission Statement

La Malinche Consulting specializes in Spanish and English written translations. Our team is a combination of native Spanish and English speakers with a solid professional background. Whether companies are conducting business abroad or trying to attract a larger market share at home, whether nonprofit organizations are seeking to make global connections or local contact, businesses and institutions are increasingly reaching out to a bilingual population in English and Spanish.